Identity and the City

An invitation to express identity through creative technical projects that work towards positive societal change that benefits the Jordanian society

project of Ma3mal612

Identity and the City

The program Identity and the City is a call for identity expression through art projects to create positive social change that benefit the Jordanian Community. Another project of Ma3mal612 , funded by Drosos Organization.


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ما هو مشروع الهوية والمدينة؟

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About The project

Project Summary

Identity and the City

The project Identity and the City: The Creative HUB is a four years project that revolves around informal education focusing on the theme of Identity and the City, combining life skills trainings with activities and a creative HUB apparatus. The project targets young artists, cultural activists, established thinkers and workers/artists as direct beneficiaries, and the community in general as indirect beneficiaries. The project is incubating artists to be at this creative cultural infrastructure, the HUB, with the aim to nurture the growth and development of young artists, from different disciplines and from various categories. The creative HUB will be at the center of the project providing inspiration, support, and the space for every artist and for art works.

The goal of the project is to ensure the advancement of inclusiveness, cohesion, and prosperity in local communities through art programming that provide opportunities for artists and people to come together in creation and celebration of culture, art and productive cultural projects. The Goal of the project is pursued through building the capacity of young artists, and by creating a young engaged artist community where individual artists are enabled to effect social change through creative and innovative art initiatives. 95 young Emerging, Mid-Career and Independent Artists; creating a total of 14 community art projects with varied support and mentoring levels; are the main target group for the project. The age group for the targeted artists is between 20-35 years, and the majority are characterized as less advantage youth representing marginalized communities in the capital Amman and other geographical areas in Jordan. Within the art scene, indirect beneficiary group will consist of established thinkers and workers/ Independent artists from different cities in Jordan. An artist list combining Ma3mal612 database, previous career established contacts and new trending project makers will be utilized for more versatile input.

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News From City

Writing Workshop

Ma3mal 612 for Creative Thinking, at the beginning of March Initiated “the Writing Room”, which is a training project emanating from “Identity and the City” project,

Scenario Workshop

opened the first sessions for developing scenarios and films under the umbrella of the Jordanian Ministry of Culture, within the framework of the “Jordan International Film Festival”

Film Workshop

filmmaking workshop: with a diverse group of 10 mid-career filmmakers who have joined us for a 10 session capacity building workshop, As part of the Identity and the City program.

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