“Enhancing a gender responsive film sector in the Maghreb - Mashreq region”

Cinema in Education

ma3mal612 yarmouk
Cinema in Education Project’s grand aim is to create a Module to ​”Support to film and audiovisual schools & organizing series of film screenings addressing youth and women in the Maghreb-Mashreq region” ​to achieve this the module will contain full range of information that the user needs to successfully implement the gender sensitive method. It aims to create an impact on the way that film students plan their future films and their projects. The devising of the module and structure will contain teaching content that includes: (exercises) about creating messages and sub-messages aim to enhance the image of women, avoiding common stereotyping, and showing different roles of women in a positive structure, highlight the main obstacles and struggles that women face.

السينما في التعليم

المنهج في تأثير التوعية الجندرية على المخرجات التعليمية لطلبة صناعة الفيلم في جامعات المشرق والمغرب. رابط الملخص بالأسفل