Since the Arab World is experiencing vast changes, Ma3mal 612-Think Factory seeks to combine film as a medium to address issues of political, social and economic rights by creating a cultural platform for artists and citizens. The platform will stimulate dialogue, debate and awareness of human rights and development issues in the Arab world.

The arts, by definition, are individual or group creations that cater to a public; a heterogeneous public whose relationship with art is based on varying modes of discourse, analysis and interpretation.

Ma3mal is a collaborative Pool of Thinkers and Workers from different backgrounds and disciplines who innovate projects that are considered a priority for our region. The word Al Ma’mal means the “Factory’ (in English). It is designed to produce and enhance the production of films, documentaries, video art, installations and other visual and artistic projects that have an Avant Garde nature and has the ability to make an impact and create change upon civil societies in our region and the globe. Al Ma’mal 612 is backed up by a Think Tank comprised of practitioners and thinkers from various fields; artists, social scientists, architects, designers, writers, politicians, philanthropists, technicians and others from around the Arab world.

Ma3mal has adopted the collective approach in which all stakeholders are appreciated as main actors in order for them to reach a high sense of ownership and passion for their different projects. In this foundation, and given that it is a Factory, al Ma3mal 612 attracts visual art workers to work under a common theme agreed upon by the collective working group/team. Each specific project starts by designating its raw material, its research elements and the findings of the Think Tank. The team members alternate roles to engage and contribute to each other’s projects including their contribution to the production line process of the project.