Cinema in Refuge

Cinema in Refuge (CiR) is a travelling mini-film festival that focuses on screenings of films that are geared toward human rights aimed at refugees in camps. The name of the festival “Cinema in Refuge” compliments the general state of refugees; fleeing towards a space that resonates with hope and fosters creativity.

Throughout the years, Ma3mal 612 has held several editions of the Cinema in Refuge program both in Jordan and Lebanon’s camps, by utilizing rich content in the form of film packages from the Karama Human Rights Film Festival.

The CiR film package includes a selection of carefully curated films that are used as a source for the content of these outreach screenings, with a prioritized focus on advocating for human rights issues. Moreover, a number of directors and specialists are invited to join the screenings in order to engage with the audiences so as to gear post-screening discussions to constructive debates where viewers can freely express themselves and release their sentiments and thoughts in a safe environment.