Ma3mal Talks

سلسلة حوارات المعمل

Ma3mal 612 Talks in Identity and the City

In a series of thought-provoking events known as “Ma3mal 612 Talks in Identity and the City” we have had the honor of welcoming speakers from diverse fields, sparking discussions on impactful topics. These engaging dialogues are taking place at the HUB and will be an ongoing stable event at the Ma3mal 612.

Throughout these talks so far, various subjects were explored, ranging from the significance of photography in documenting cities to the influence of digital media and society on urban life, acting as a career and much more, Speakers shed light on unspoken struggles faced by artists, the role of cities in shaping artistic careers, and the potential impact of cultural journalism on the music scene.

The power of these discussions lies in their potential to initiate movements among artists. Each talk offered valuable insights and new perspectives, empowering individuals to explore their creativity and passions.