The ARAB Film festivals network


The Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals is a partnership between Film Festivals and activists in the field of Human Rights Films in the region. The Network encourages cooperation communication and exchange related to human rights of the people of the region.

ANHAR, The Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals is a regional project that creates a pool of information, film databases and screenings in the Arab Region. It is a networking platform that operates on the basis of partnership and exchange of expertise between its members.

The network was established in December of 2015 and has 9 members from Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Mauritania, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan and Syria. It aims at establishing a connection between activists, filmmakers, festival directors and spaces for screening human rights films to build bridges through joint events, co-productions and advocacy campaigns. The collective experience of its members helps enhance the quality, impact and outreach of its initiatives.

The conception of Anhar stems from its symbolic name; ANHAR is the abbreviation of the Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals, and is an Arabic word that translates into rivers.

These rivers flow towards an ocean that collects all their essence. The core essence of ANHAR, is to create a hub that connects countries in the region and revitalize its resources, creating a fertile environment for human rights films and advocacy.

The Arab Film Network is led by Ma3mal 612 Think Factory in Jordan.

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