Karama HRFF always provides a particular space within the festival for younger generations to raise their own voices, questions, and perceptions of their role within the local and global community. For the sixth consecutive year, the Annual Youth Forum is meant to act as a catalyst that inspires young people to reflect on their journeys, develop their critical thinking, and freely voice their opinions through cultural interventions and proactive artistic initiatives of their choice.

For 2022, we will be holding a group discussion session entitled “Dialogues on the New Era of the Arts; Transformation – Deviation – Mutation”. This event will invite outstanding mid-career thinkers, artists, platform owners, writers, journalists, cultural space founders, actors, and musicians from the Jordanian art scene.

On Transformation: In our current decade, and especially post COVID, what were the transformations your artistic world witnessed? Which of them were unexpected?

On Deviation: How has your work deviated from its original form? Where did you feel like you lost an element of your vision? Were there changes to the core of your work? What is their ripple effect on you and those around you that you work and collaborate with?

On Mutation: How have these changes pushed you into a different version of work? How have your outputs mutated? Where do you see yourself in the future after these changes? Where do you imagine danger? Where do you imagine growth? What elements of the scene feel strange? What next?

This session will be recorded and Karama HRFF team will curate a mini-publication with excerpts from conversations, monologues, and interesting quotes, in hopes of capturing this transformative phase in contemporary history.