“Filmmaking to Support Freedom of Press” Workshop held on the 6th of May 2023. This insightful one day extensive workshop brought together 20 passionate young filmmakers and tv journalists , united in their commitment to explore the dynamic intersection of filmmaking and the fundamental value of freedom of the press.

Topics Covered:


      1. The Significance of Freedom of Expression: Our workshop began with an inspiring keynote address by Mr. Mazen Shaquora, the esteemed Regional Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa region. Participants gained profound insights into why freedom of expression serves as the cornerstone for upholding all human rights.

      1. Journalism and Free Speech Challenges in Jordan: Mr. Mohammad Hawari, a seasoned UNICEF Communication Professional and former journalist, shared real-life examples of journalists who have bravely faced censorship and other threats to their freedom of expression. The role of media in promoting free speech was also explored in-depth during this session.

      1. The Power of Film for Societal Change: Dr. Najwa Kondakji, a distinguished instructor and theater director, led an engaging session exploring the artistic mechanisms used to address freedom of expression through film. Participants discovered how films possess the remarkable ability to spark societal transformation.

      1. Overcoming Obstacles: Filmmakers’ Struggles and Triumphs: Understanding the challenges faced by filmmakers in their quest to create impactful cinematic works was a crucial aspect of our workshop. Real-life examples of filmmakers who have confronted censorship and other obstacles were presented, showcasing their perseverance and determination.

      1. Harnessing Creativity: Ideation Session: Participants engaged in interactive group exercises, collaboratively brainstorming thought-provoking film ideas centered around freedom of expression. This stimulating session offered valuable feedback and fostered the collective power of creativity. 

    The workshop aimed to equip filmmakers with the tools and inspiration to passionately advocate for freedom of expression and access to information.