Ma3mal 612 | Mentors

Dr. Jawad Al Assadi


Jawad al-Assadi, an Iraqi theater luminary, born in 1947, began his artistic journey in Baghdad and furthered his education in Sofia during Saddam Hussein’s era. Throughout his career, he directed works by Arab writers like Wannous and Darwish and European playwrights including Genet and Chekhov. Al-Assadi also authored theater pieces, poems, and essays, while researching rehearsal techniques. Despite exile, he returned to Iraq in 2004/05, staging “Woman of War,” receiving acclaim globally. His contributions mark a significant cultural resurgence in Iraq, showcasing his commitment to artistic excellence and cultural heritage.

Salam Kanaan


Salam Kanaan, a skilled artist, graduated from Yarmouk University in Jordan in 1987 and pursued his passion for pottery and archaeology, earning an M.A. from the university’s Institute of Archaeology. His dedication led to significant contributions to excavations and recognition, securing a grant for further studies in Paris. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, he showcased his work internationally and won prestigious awards, including the “Cite des Arts” prize in 1991. Returning to Jordan, he curated art collections for the Prime Ministry and taught at the Applied Science University. Establishing Duinde Gallery in Amman in 1996, he created a public space for art appreciation, enriching Jordan’s cultural landscape.

Yaser Qubailat


An accomplished Jordanian author and producer, born June 18, 1970, in Mleeh, Madaba. He graduated from the Russian Federal Institute of Cinema, Moscow, in 1995 with a diploma in Cinema and Television Arts. He held editorial roles at “Al-Mithaq” weekly and “Al-Muqtabs” monthly from 1996 to 2002, and contributed to “Al-Rai” daily from 2002 to 2006. From 2006 to 2009, he served various functions at the Arab Media Group. Later, he became deputy editor-in-chief at “Al-Shabiba” daily in Oman. His productions include the series “Abu Tayah’s Return” and “Ayyoun Aliya,” while he authored “Preachers at the Gates of Hell.” His career reflects a multifaceted involvement in journalism, media, and production, spanning both Jordan and Oman.

Ma3mal 612 | Senior Trainers

Dr. Najwa Qandakji


Najwa received her Master’s degree in Fine Arts specializing in Directing for Drama, Theatre and Film from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts, GITIS- Moscow-1993. She has PhD in Fine Arts, specialized in theatre from Lebanese University, Beirut-2021. Qandakji is a professor of performing arts, communication, and filmmaking currently in the Amman Ahliyyah University, Jordan.

Najwa Qandakji Jordan

Amjad Bashiti


Amjad Al Bashiti, is a 41 years old audio specialist, graduated from Middlesex University in the UK in 2012, where he studied Audio Engineering. His obsession with sound technology began at an early age, which set him on a career track in Sound Engineering in the years that followed, leading him to become one of the most prominent professionals in the field of radio and audio production in Jordan; he co-built MazajFM among other radios, eventually becoming one of Jordan’s most prominent consultant for radios, as he launched his own Audio Imaging Company in Amman. 

In the years that followed Amjad began teaching; establishing the Radio Studies Division at SAE Institute in Amman, designing its curriculum, and teaching the courses for 5 years.

Hala Shihab


Hala Shihab is an award-winning costume and production designer, as well as a scenographer, with 30 years of experience in cinema, television, and theatre. Hala Shihab graduated in 1986 as an architect from the University of Damascus and started working in the industry in 1991 until today. Throughout her extensive career and experience, she has managed to set high standards for the drama industry in the region, having worked on many drama series, TV productions, and plays, as well as giving workshops and trainings all around the world.

Dr. Hakem Mas'oud

 | Performance & Physical Theater |

A Film and Performance Director, an Actor, and an assistant Professor with a PhD in Drama and Media with over 25 years of experience in Tunisia, USA, China, West Bank and Jordan.