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Identity and the City

Fadia’s Tree screening

بالتعاون مع شبكة أنهار وبرنامج الهوية والمدينة واحتفالا بشهر المرأة، استضافت جمعية المعمل ٦١٢ للأفكار في مقرها الإبداعي عرض خاص لفيلم “شجرة فاديا” -الفائز بجائزة… Read More »Fadia’s Tree screening

Bread Event

Artisan baking is an act of love and a creative experience, in our first Kitchen Studio event at Ma3mal612 creative hub in collaboration with Grazia De Martino

Writing Room photo

Initiating the Writing Room at Ma3mal 612

Ma3mal 612 for Creative Thinking, at the beginning of March Initiated “the Writing Room”, which is a training project emanating from “Identity and the City” project, through a workshop specialized in script writing