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Ma3mal 612 Art Production

A Part of Her

    A documentary mixed with fiction scenes, embraced by the socio-political rapid changes in the Arab region. The film tells the story of two female friends… Read More »A Part of Her


      A child plays with a toy weapon and grows up along with it. The short animated film attempts to give an idea about the danger… Read More »Growing

      As We Forgive?

        “One man: two characters… an altar, revenge rituals… in a bleeding surreal reality… some attempts to darn a cracked moral system… and stumbling in a… Read More »As We Forgive?

        Love Boat

          In “Love Boat”, a witty wind will take you to the heart of the dreadful crossings of the Mediterranean, the last hope of freedom for… Read More »Love Boat

          White to white

            film based on real testimonies of women’s issues, they had difficulty accessing justice, and they are real stories that explain the challenges that Jordanian women face in terms of unfair laws