“Sometimes what seem like minor incidents become gigantic when we pause for a moment.”

A play by Sawsan Darwaza and Saba Mubarak, written through a 3 month-workshop in 2011/2012.

Amman – Jordan

Written by: Sawsan Darwaza and collective improvising
Acting and Dramatizing: Saba Mubarak
Cast: Ahmad Srour, Suleiman AlZawahrah, Hala Shuqair , Hasan Lafi and Marwan Ayesh
Special appearance for the dancer Maxeem Ayyad
Artistic contribution: Ehab Al Khatib – Ma3mal 612 Think Factory
Costume and decoration: HalaShihab
Sound Design; Hasan AbuHammad, Ehab Al Khatib and SawsanDarwaza
Lights: Majed Nouriddein
Stage Manager: Marwan Ayesh
Choreography: MaxeemAyyad
Poster Design: Karma Alsweirky and Hasan AbuHammad
Public Relations : Tariq Ziad
Technical contributors: The Royal Cultural Center – Performing Art Center
Produced by: Ministry of Culture – Jordan
Ma3mal 612 Think Factory
Director and Scenographer: Sawsan Darwaza