Karama HRFF holds the “Must Meet Meeting” on an annual basis. A platform to engage with the polemics within the domain of cinema. This gathering networks filmmakers and journalists, providing them with a space for critical discussions.

For the 12th edition of Karama, under the title of “Film Festivals and Media Coverage: Between Description and Criticism”, you are invited to join us for our round table discussion on the 8th of December 2021, from 11 am – 1 pm, at the Royal Cultural Center.

Through a discussion involving journalists, cinema practitioners, and festival directors, you can prepare talking points, discussions, and recommendations engaging with the following subheadings and titles: Methodologies of covering Film Festivals; have they become nothing more than a red carpet event, a performance with no content? Has covering film festivals gone from cinematic critique to narrative descriptions of events? What are the reasons for the absence of critical media coverage, while superficial coverages seem to suffice?