One of our parallel events, amongst many, is the specialized symposium. Taking this year’s theme, “Human Rights in a Virtual World” as its departure point, the symposium is entitled “Freedom in a Virtual World”.  

Will be interrogating questions that revolve around the following 4 main axes: 

* Human rights in the digital age – between individual freedoms and collective domination,

* Human Rights – how are they prioritized in today’s world?

* Basic issues and their suppression via the Internet (includes all social networks)

* The supposed new world versus humanity.

The symposium will be led and moderated by, Tariq Hamdan from Radio Monte Carlo – who will be one of the main speakers of the event. It will also include a collection of speakers and researchers from various disciplines.

We invite you to join us on the 7th of December from 10am  till 2pm at the Royal Cultural Center.