Date & Duration
2017 - 2018
Southmed, and InterArts foundation.

Women to Women "Taa Marbouta"

Towards greater Gender Equality in the Southern Mediterranean audiovisual Sector


The Women to Women “Ta’a Marboutah” Project had the grand aim is to create a regional guideline/ Manifesto publication for creating gender-sensitive or gender-focused media. The main focus was to identify and analyze the obstacles women face in the audio-visual industry, female representation in mainstream media, and approaches for treatment of the results. The study and sessions were pillared on three dimensions; The experience of professional women working behind the camera, in front of the camera, and in the women in the audience. 

Jordan Production Films
Amal Sabbagh
Young Filmmakers Training Beirut


AV Industry Guidelines Publication

Collectively developed by project stakeholders to incorporate a dimension of gender equality to media production, thereby enhancing the current image of women. This encompassed aspects such as script development, content, and messages, including sub-messages that influenced different layers of the gender spectrum.
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Monitoring Program Formulation

A mentoring program was formulated to establish a platform for women to succeed, empowering and raising awareness among more female professionals.

Regional Conference

The regional conference aimed to disseminate the guidelines to influencers, professionals, and representatives of the AV industry. During the event, discussions focused on the main stereotyping challenges and strategies specific to their countries.
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Trainings in Beirut & Amman

Two mirrored/parallel training workshops conducted in both Amman and Beirut. These capacity-building training workshops were conducted with 10 emerging filmmakers in both respective countries. This hands-on and multidisciplinary workshop was conducted by senior trainer and documentary film Director Dima AL Joundi.
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