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Scenario Workshop

    افتتح معمل 612 للأفكار ضمن مشروع الهوية والمدينة أولى جلسات تطوير السيناريوهات والأفلام تحت مظلة وزارة الثقافة الأردنية وذلك في إطار “مهرجان الأردن الدولي للأفلام”… Read More »Scenario Workshop

    Writing Room photo

    Initiating the Writing Room at Ma3mal 612

      Ma3mal 612 for Creative Thinking, at the beginning of March Initiated “the Writing Room”, which is a training project emanating from “Identity and the City” project, through a workshop specialized in script writing


        A series of workshops intended to train mid-career and amateur filmmakers on how to create stories, write, and film.  The workshops and training sessions were… Read More »Tamareen