Youth Forum “From Education to the Labor Market”

We run our Annual Youth Forum as part of the “Identity and the City Project”. We provide a platform for youth to present and discuss their local initiatives and projects, to express their opinions, and the ways they find to be active within their society. The forum works to create a space for questioning and sharing – Identity and The City is a contemplation on defining an artistic identity as a general framework; as an attempt to shape a unique cultural, social, and artistic relationship between the citizen and the city. 

In addition to screening a 2021 documentary film produced by the Center for Lebanese Studies (CLS) entitled “ From Education to the Labor Market”. The Youth Forum will also host presentations by the thinkers and artists who have been trained at Ma3mal 612’s art hub. 

Finally, we are hosting the “Youth and Alternative Industries” Forum in partnership with the Center for Lebanese Studies (CLS) and the Lebanese American University (LAU). The Forum has 4 main pillars: 

Challenges with Family, Challenges with the local society, Challenges with the current laws and systems, and the Potential of youth.

Born from the observation that most youth who have faced challenges with institutional education have sought training and work in alternative industries. Which allowed them to work on innovative entrepreneurial projects. We will be discussing the challenges that youth face as transition from education to the labor market and the alternative labor market.

It brings us great honor to mention that the targeted group of attendees is young locals, refugees, migrants, and residents in Jordan, and those holding Arab nationalities or are children of Jordanian women.