Festival and Networks

The Karama Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF) is a yearly eight-day film festival that has been held in Amman since 2010. Since its first edition, 610 human rights films (feature, documentary, animation and short) from different parts of the world were screened throughout 12 years of cinema activism and advocacy for human rights, in Jordan and in the region. Around 8000 spectators attend the event yearly and participate in its diverse interrelated activities, which include film discussions and debates with some of the films’ production teams; seminars & workshops; ‘MusiKarama’ which entails musical concerts and dance performances; the ‘Conscious of Art’ (Art and Photo Exhibition); an outreach program across various governorates of the Kingdom, a Youth Forum and Karama Atelier (an 8-week workshop that takes place before the Festival for the production of relevant films to be screened during the festival).

The Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals – ANHAR is a platform that empowers partnerships between film festivals and activists in the region. ANHAR encourages collaboration and exchange in the field of human rights filmmaking and screening in the Arab world.


Training & Strengthening Capacity

With the support of its wide network of professionals from various disciplines, Ma3mal 612-Think Factory hosted an extensive consultation process to develop several curriculums


Raising Awareness and Advocacy

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