Vision   Ma3mal 612 is a metaphor of the ideal planet that the “Little Prince” was looking for , this “planet” is a society and an incubator of an art movement that companies ethics with creative arts. Where artists will become the supreme visionaries in the globe for the good of humanity.   Mission    Ma3mal612 is a think factory and collaborative pool of artists and thinkers, Our shared commitment is to:
  • Propagate and share knowledge in various art disciplines
  • To produce and enhance the production of films, documentaries, video art, installations and other visual and artistic projects that have an Avant-Garde nature that creates positive change in the society
  • Using informal education to leverage the technical and creative tools of artists
  • Push towards a collaborative projects between artists to create lobbying forces
  Our Values :   
  • Ma3mal 612 defends freedom of expression and freedom of creation.
  • Ma3mal 612 encourages collective work, exchange of expertise, and passing on knowledge- as well exchange of roles to complement each other’s projects with passion and transparency.
  • We assert that Arts and Culture should be at the very heart of local sustainable development and the emancipation of populations. We assert that bio-diversity, cultural diversity and democratic pluralism are key to humanity’s shared global agenda.
  •  In a global context where many conflicts are provoked by cultural divides, ma3mal 612 considers that enhancing intercultural dialogue is key to the resolution of these conflicts.
  • Ma3mal 612 supports reasoned and meaningful initiatives lead by civil society that are socio-politically engaged.
  • Ma3mal 612 considers that local and international mobility and/or dialogue of artists and cultural operators is a collective process of learning, a shared investment for our common future and that it contributes to stability and justice.
  • Ma3mal 612 action is in line with the principles of cultural policy agendas and texts of references of which the most important are: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Fribourg Declaration of Cultural Rights, UNESCO Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of cultural expressions, European Agenda for Culture,
Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media – UNESCO. & for anti-corruption and anti-harassment policies we subscribe to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct – WHO